Pool maintenance

If your property has a swimming pool it is very important to keep it in tip-top condition at all times. The work involved doing this depends on how much use the pool is getting and what time of year it is.

This of course is not easy unless you live locally or employ someone to help with this task.

Our pool maintence prices include regular testing, cleaning, water level top-up and use of the required chemicals to keep your pool running crystal clear and ready for use the second you, your guests or a holiday renter arrives.

Though your pool may not be used all year round, in our experience it is more cost effective to keep your filters running [albeit for not nearly so long in the winter] every day than let your pool become unusable due to lack of chemical balance and inadequate filtration, its also not nice for 'out of season' renters to sit outside and look at a green unsanitised pool.

Dec/January/Feb/March 50 Euros p/m
April 60 Euros
May 70 Euros
June/July/Aug/Sept 100 Euros p/m
October 70 Euros
November 60 Euros

Price includes weekly water tests/vacuum + brush.

During summer months top up water level [when required] to allow for natural loss/evaporation.

Prices are inclusive of chemicals supplied.

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